Construction & Rehabilitation Services

The CRD Group's activities include the construction of building and technical works, including specialised interventions.

Repair works

CRD Group's experience and knowledge ensure timely and successful repair and reinforcement works. With the application of up to date technology and machinery we are able to restore all problematic elements of your infrastructure.

Analytically, the CRD Group and our associates and colaborators implement the following technologies:

Shotcrete (Gunite)

Shotcrete works: shotcrete rebars and dowels for column reinforcement Shotcrete works: shotcrete rebars and dowels in new window position
Shotcrete works: shotcrete spraying during column reinforcing Shotcrete works: shotcrete surface finishing

Composite materials (carbon fibers - FRPs)

Composite materials: column and joint reinforcement using FRP composites Composite materials: column shear reinforcement using FRP composites

Concrete cutting & core drilling

Concrete cutting & core drilling: concrete cutting Concrete cutting & core drilling: concrete core drilling

Epoxy resins


Contact Information

+30 210 6519502

Mobile: +30 6906851736

Office Hours

9:00 to 17:00
Monday to Friday

Postal Adress

5, Nevrokopiou Str. Papagos, 15669

Athens - Attiki, Greece

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