Corrosion Monitoring systems

Corrosion Monitoring systems

CPT offers monitoring systems for the long term assessment of the condition of the reinforced structure.

Many structures suffer from inggress of chloride salts and/or concrete carbonation, but in most cases the immediate threat is limited. Monitoring equipment allows long term assessment of corrosion susceptible areas of client’s structure.

Any increased level of threat can be identified by CPT and the client will be informed about the extent of corrosion damage and potential solutions.

CPT’s monitoring systems offer building/structure owners security and confidence in understanding the real condition of their structures.

Monitoring systems can also be used to assess the system performance and condition of the steel after the system has been installed, meaning that the client can have access to corrosion rate and steel potential data on his structure.

CPT’s Monitoring Systems allow a client to:

  • Obtain a baseline corrosion activity on a structure Monitor corrosion activity over an extended period of time (years) and identify the outset of corrosion Simultaneously monitor a large number of locations on a structure (up to 96) Determine steel corrosion rates Incorporate structure corrosion monitoring into a Life Care Plan

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Corrosion Monitoring System
Corrosion Monitoring System
Corrosion Monitoring System installation
Corrosion Monitoring System installation


Steel Reinforcement Monitoring System

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