Structural Health Monitoring Introduction

Structural Health Monitoring constitutes a relatively new scientific field. Its aim is to provide reliable data regarding the static and dynamic condition of a structure, or even data regarding its loading cases and loading combinations. The analysis based on the structural monitoring is useful to decide the continuation of the structure’s use, any necessary repairs or its withdrawal, changes in the construction phases’ program or detection of dangerous loading combinations. The monitoring is performed with the use of various types of sensors. They are attached properly to the critical regions of the structure (e.g. regions of concentrated stresses), providing data regarding its static or dynamic response during the application of various loads. Comparison of these data to the model behaviour of the construction offers the possibility of “continuous diagnosis” and the determination of the potential failure modes.

The technology of optical Fibre Bragg Grating sensors and the relevant networking of recording instruments and software constitute the technological peak in the domain of field instrumentation and structural health monitoring. This technology is widely used on technical works in many areas of the world, including Great Britain.

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