FBG sensor interrogator unit


product description:

CRD-interrogator-5000Hz is an interrogator unit able to read Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors' wavelengths. This device provides powerful, reliable, easily integrated measurement options for FBG sensors. The speed, narrow linewidth and excellent repeatability of the integrated optical spectrum analyser provide the accuracy and resolution needed for a wide range of optical sensing applications.

Our main advantage is our customized software, which enables the user to take full advantage of the FBG technology.

Optical Light Source technical specifications:

optical performance:
center wavelength: 1530nm - 1570nm
typical output power: 10dBm
typical FWHM bandwidth:
(within 3dB width)
minimum optical isolation: 30dBm
output power stability in 15 mins: ±0.01dBm (typical)
±0.02dBm (maximum)
output power stability in 8 hours: ±0.05dBm (typical)
±0.10dBm (maximum)
electrical characteristics:
power supply: 4.75V - 5.15V
power current: 2A (minimum)
3A (typical)
power consumption: 6W (typical)
10W (maximum)
TTL level: H: 2.40V (minimum)
V: 0.40V (maximum)
absolute maximum ratings:
voltage: 5.5V
temperature: 55°C
operation enviroment:
operating temperature: -5°C - 50°C
storage temperature: -40°C - 80°C
humidity (no condensate): 90%

interrogator specifications:

wavelength range: 1525nm - 1565nm (standard)
1510nm - 1590nm (extended)
wavelength repeatibility: ±2pm
wavelength readout resolution: 1pm
minimum detectable
wavelength change:
frequency response time: ~5Hz (standard RS232/USB 1.1)
~5kHz (fast USB 2.0)
Internal Reference Source: integrated
channel input power range: -60dBm to -20dBm or specify
power resolution: 0.1dBm
interface: RS232 or USB
operating temperature: 0°C - 70°C

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