glueable FBG strain sensor


product description:

CRD-patch is a Fibre Bragg Grating sensor designed to measure the strain imposed to it by its substrate. The sensor is embedded inside a composite filament made by carbon fibres, in the selected dimensions. CRD-patch is then glued via epoxy resin on the area of interest. The sensor follows the surface's displacements.

CRD-patch can be installed on surfaces and elements when the installation of rigid anchors is prohibited (due to aesthetic reasons, material or shape restrictions, etc). It is ideal for installation on concrete or steel structural members.

technical specifications:

sensor mount specifications:
mount material: Carbon FRP
mount dimensions: 4cm x 14cm (standard size)
or custom size
means of installation: epoxy glue
connectivity: custom length optical fibre cable
with connectors or continuous
(two cables: front and back)
sensor specifications:
sensor type: Fibre Bragg Grating
sensor resolution: 1μstrain
sensor accuracy: 5μstrain
sensor range: 4000μstrain
maximum strain: 9000μstrain
reflected wavelength range: 1525nm - 1570nm
operating temperature range: -10°C - +100°C
optical fibre specifications:
fibre type: single mode SMF-28
fibre diameter: ∅9/125μm
fibre cable type: plain or steel armored cable
fibre cable diameter: ∅3mm
connector type: FC/APC

photo gallery:

typical CRD-patch FBG sensor
typical CRD-patch FBG sensor
CRD-patch FBG sensor installed on a steel beam
CRD-patch FBG sensor installed on a steel beam
CRD-patch FBG sensor installed on a concrete beam
CRD-patch FBG sensor installed on a concrete beam

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