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thermal compensation FBG strain sensor


product description:

CRD-thermal is a Fibre Bragg Grating sensor able to compensate for the strain produced by temperature variations.

CRD-thermal is a basic member of every sensor layout, ensuring the layout’s measurement independence from the environmental temperature's deviations.

technical specifications:

sensor mount specifications:
mount material: Sustamid 6G (polymerised plastic)
mount dimensions: 10mm x 10mm x 15cm
means of installation: via rigid anchor
connectivity: custom length optical fibre cable
with connectors (one sided)
sensor specifications:
sensor type: Fibre Bragg Grating
sensor resolution: 1μstrain
sensor accuracy: 5μstrain
sensor range: 4000μstrain
maximum strain: 9000μstrain
reflected wavelength range: 1525nm - 1570nm
operating temperature range: -10°C - +100°C
optical fibre specifications:
fibre type: single mode SMF-28
fibre diameter: ∅9/125μm
fibre cable type: plain or steel armored cable
fibre cable diameter: ∅3mm
connector type: FC/APC

photo gallery:

typical CRD-thermal FBG sensor
typical CRD-thermal FBG sensor

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